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Youth Course

Vedic Meditation can be taught to Children and Youth between the ages of 5yrs - 18yrs. Course duration is dependant of the childs age.

Young Adult $500 (18YRS-21YRS) - Can sit the 4-day Adult course or choose a private 2-day one on one course

High school student $400 (13YRS-18YRS) 2-day course (followed by check-in's)

Primary school student $200 (8YRS-12YRS) 1-day course (followed by check-in's)

Junior - Donation by Artwork or as the child wishes (5YRS-8YRS) 1-hour course (followed by check-in's)

(must be over 5yrs old & a parent who practices Vedic Meditation is mandatory)

Any child can re-sit their Youth course free of charge until the age of 18yrs, then they can re-learn sitting an adult course and receive a new initiation and mantra

Email to request your booking date, as courses are tailored to suit you and your child's schedule.