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About Vedic Meditation

"Tap into the creative, innovative, infinite realm and build up optimal energy to enhance your entire life." Lotte Barnes


Vedic meditation is an internal mantra and transcendent based technique that is practiced for 20 minutes, twice daily. 

This technique comes from the 5000 year-old indian wisdom known as the Veda – from which both yoga and Ayurveda originate.

With correct instruction, it can be learned by anyone (seasoned meditators or complete newbies) and effortlessly practiced almost anywhere that you can sit comfortably with your back supported & close your eyes. 

Many types of meditation ask you to rid thoughts, to clear the mind of all clutter and messages - Vedic meditation is the opposite. It understands thoughts are a natural and automated part of the mind and teaches you to follow the internal charm of your appointed mantra, which de-excites the mind and allows you to drift effortlessly between mantra, thought and thoughtlessness and transcend into a deeper state of being. 

Creating deep rest, repair, rejuvenation and reconnection. 

We meditate so that we can experience a more profound eyes open state. 

The quality of our mind determines the quality of our lives

It is a very simple, natural, effortless practice that can be integrated into anyone's modern-day life.  

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Why Meditate


Adaptability / Creativity & Intelligence / Energy & Performance / Focus & Productivity /  Optimism & Happiness / Relationships / Sense Of Self /  Expanded Consciousness /  Improved Memory / Brain Functions / Rest & Repair To Body & Mind / Improved Immune System / Better coping mechanisms / Improved Parenting


Stress / Fatigue / Anxiety / Less Reactive / Allergies / Headaches / Sleeping Issue / Cholesterol Levels / Risk Of Heart Disease / Slows The Ageing Process