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Learn to Meditate

Anyone can learn Vedic Meditation. You can be a long time meditator or have no prior experience in this realm. The Vedic course will teach you step by step the technique and tools to create a daily practice and leave you walking away an independent, confident Vedic Meditator. What makes Vedic so successful, is that you have one-on-one guidance by a qualified teacher and will have a lifetime of access to always check in and touch base. 

The course includes:

Complete personal instruction over the course duration. Leaving you a self sufficient meditator. 

2 week & 4 week check-in post course to refine and help further support your practice.

Lifetime guidance with The Veda Way.

Access to Group Meditations & The Veda Way community activations & newsletters.

A free refresher course can be taken at any time by students of The Veda Way. 


Individual $890 (Group setting between 2-8 people)

Single Parents $600

Full time student $600

Young Adult (18yrs-21yrs) $500

Youth/High school student (13yrs-18yrs)/ $400

Primary school student (8yrs-12yrs) $200

Junior (5yrs-8yrs) By donation of an artwork or hand made gift as the child choices

(must be over 5yrs old & a parent who practices Vedic Meditation mandatory)  

LGBTQIA+ - Lotte offers courses for people who identify as LGBTQIA+ and who wish to sit within their community. Holding a safe space to learn Vedic. Adults (21yrs over) $700 / Young Adult (18yrs-21yrs) $500 / Youth (13yrs-18yrs) $400

Bridging course $400

Any student who has learnt Vedic Meditation in the past 7yrs with a previous teacher from the same linage who still have their mantra and wishes to refresh their studies (includes sessions 2, 3 and 4 only).

Private course  $1550 + $650 for every additional person for 1 or more people - available in your home, The Veda Way Studio or an alternative location. 

If you are in financial hardship, yet have a deep want to learn Vedic, payment plans and special allowances are offered to help support all individuals to learn. Email Lotte to discuss.


Sign up with a friend, partner or family member and receive 5% off.

Refer a friend and they receive 10% off.

Main course locations Byron Bay / Sydney / Bali

With availability for private courses across Australia and Overseas

Rounding retreats coming soon.

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Course Outline:

The Vedic Meditation course is taught in-person and must be completed over consecutive days. (Either run across 4 or 3 days)


One-On-One with Lotte where you will be given your personal mantra and introduced to the technique of Vedic Meditation.

Once you have learnt the technique from session one, you will practice the meditation technique in between sessions. 

Over the course duration, we will layer information to equip you in becoming a confident and self sufficient meditator. 


The fundamentals of Vedic meditation - the technique and your experiences


The mind/body effects of meditation - how it dissolves stress, fatigue and enhance your life


Breath work techniques & where you’re headed with this practice – Higher states of consciousness and the Vedic community. 

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