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Testimonials for The Veda Way

"I’d never thought of myself as a spiritual person - in fact I’d say I’m quite the opposite... I’ve done yoga on and off for years and assumed Meditation would be pretty similar (whatever that meant?).I’ve known Lotte for some time too and knew about her practise and The Veda Way but only because of what her wife had told me about it.Her practise itself was never on show, she was always very humble about it, never obnoxious.

Lotte is a creature unlike any other. She is warm, golden hearted, soft, and yet so strong.She keeps the room at a beautiful safe space the entire time. Regardless of information shared.And I did share some quite dark moments in my life that I wanted to work on in meditation.Someone that has suffered from depression since I was a child I now depend on anti depressant (SSRI) to keep the edge off. However, bringing the meditation into my life has created this profound coping mechanism that assists me further in dealing with the darkness.

You will sometimes miss a meditation or two, but the beauty of it is it’s not demanding of you. You can always go back to it and it will always have it’s arms open wide to you free of judgement and expectations.If you are feeling lost, if your head feels noisy, if you’re struggling in any way, I suggest you talk to Lotte about The Veda Way.Even if you aren’t feeling any of those things, I know for sure, it will only benefit you. Take it from someone “not spiritual”... I feel a deep sense of connection to myself and nature that I haven’t felt for decades." Bel


"Meditation is something that I always wanted to be able to do, but didn’t think I would be successful at. Encouraged by a colleague, I had the great pleasure of completing a four day workshop recently with Lotte and I can’t imagine a time when meditation wasn’t a part of my day. Lotte expertly, quietly, kindly and gently guided me through the process and has equipped me with a life-long tool. I felt supported, nurtured and enriched by the experience." Lynne


"I happened upon Lotte by chance and felt drawn to book in about this interesting type of meditation practice I’d heard about. Her immediate warmth, generosity and reassurance helped me know pretty early on I was in the best hands! 

Everything about the 4 day journey was thoughtful, beautiful and fascinating. I felt particularly blessed to be sharing it with several other women who also  helped me feel safe enough to be open during what were ~frequently~ profound and deep moments! Whew!

I was transparent with Lotte about my past and at every moment her teachings were trauma-sensitive. She’s given me both a truly special experience I’ll remember forever, and an invaluable tool for life. I feel more at ease about the future knowing I have this practice with me and the support of a bloody amazing teacher." Katie 


“Having dabbled in other meditation techniques that felt trying and never quite stuck, l found myself seeking alternative practices to bring clarity, ease anxiety and stimulate creativity. Seemingly out of nowhere, Vedic Meditation appeared on my radar and I felt called to give it a red-hot-go. Thanks to Google, the stars aligned when I came across a local course with The Veda Way. Slightly unsure about what I was getting myself into, all doubt was erased upon meeting Lotte. Her calm and approachable nature is so welcoming, her passion evident, genuine and infectious.  Over the course of three nights I absorbed the ancient technique through Lotte’s easy-to-chew teachings, analogies and diagrams. Her words resonated and I sunk into surprisingly deep meditations. It’s safe to say I’m now hooked on the accessible and effortless practice of VM. A month ago the thought of diligently sitting in self for 20 minutes twice daily seemed absurd and yet now - it’s a non-negotiable that truly shapes my day. This beautiful and endlessly beneficial practice has had an immediate and transformative effect on my eyes-open experience and I couldn’t be more grateful.  For me - Vedic meditation is here to stay, but that’s all thanks to Lotte and The Veda Way. I cannot speak highly enough of her ongoing guidance and support. Make the investment, you won’t regret it.

Staying soft, Hannah 


I'm so blessed to have met Lotte and experienced her beautiful, considered approach to teaching Vedic Meditation. She provided a safe and supportive space for me to develop my practice, and took the time to ensure I felt truly seen and heard. After 3 very expansive days, I'm proud to say I left the course as a confident meditator, a more authentic version of myself and comforted knowing I'll always be a part of The Veda Way community. I honestly can't imagine my life without Vedic Meditation - it's the best investment I've ever made. Forever grateful. Caitlin


“I found Lotte at the perfect time in my life to learn this lifelong technique and was lucky enough to sit her course. I already am forever grateful for her deep understanding, grace, compassion and ability to articulate the all encompassing benefits of Vedic. I felt comfortable in her presence and found Lotte to be knowledgeable, humble, connected and kind. Thank you so much, Lotte.” Megan


I've been keen to undertake my Vedic meditation training for a long time, but various courses had never aligned. Finally, with the birth of my first baby drawing near, I decided to research trainers and stumbled across Lotte online. I was drawn to her website and her own personal story, overcoming serious allergies and skin conditions through her meditation practise. Lotte was beautiful in her initial correspondence and I felt really comfortable and happy to book, travelling six hours from my home to Byron to study with her. Through a series of different circumstances, the rest of my group had to reschedule their training and I ended up enjoying a private training with Lotte which was such a gorgeous experience. She came to my accommodation to teach me, and welcomed my little mini dachshund, 'Kip' in the sessions as well - so really, there were three of us in the training! Lotte has a warm, expansive, magnetic presence. Her passion for Vedic meditation shines through. She doesn't typify the stereotype of a meditation teacher - stylish, with a young family of her own and a cool self-expression, I really liked how she was able to intwine these ancient principals with modern life. The three days of training went really quickly, and being a private session she was able to tailor it to my pregnancy and upcoming birth, as well as allowing as much time as I needed for questions and general conversation. She was interested and interesting, and I really loved learning from her. The presentation of the material was clear, calm and ordered and I felt I walked away from the training with a firm grasp on the practice, its origins and the neuroscience behind its benefits. I was really struggling with insomnia and exhaustion prior to the training, and since meditating twice a day I'm sleeping so soundly and it has been GAME-CHANGING! I'm calm, relaxed and have found the technique to be effortless. Lotte has followed up to check in with how I'm going which I've really appreciated, and sent on comprehensive resources to complement the study. I really felt I connected to my baby during this training, and feel centred and excited for birth and beyond with this practise in my toolkit. Thank you, beautiful Lotte! - Emily