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About Lotte

Lotte Barnes is a Vedic Meditation teacher who resides in Byron Bay with her wife & 4yr old daughter. Lotte began her Vedic journey around 7 years ago and felt a deep calling to move into teaching this ancient technique and share the practice onwards to help expand, evolve and simply connect people to their true inner authentic self and enhance their daily eyes open state.

Prior to being the director of both Worn Store & The Veda Way, Lotte was first introduced to the practice of Vedic Meditation via fellow Vedic Meditation teacher Mark Blondel, and was initiated into the Vedic community before setting out on a two year explorative journey of self through Indonesia, Sri Lanka and India.

Throughout this time the effects of the practice became more and more apparent, and Lottes dedication to the tradition grew alongside her mind and bodies deep transformation as a result of inner healing.

Within months of learning Vedic meditation and diligently practicing twice daily, Lotte found her life-long struggle with severe allergies and skin conditions disappeared. Lotte's nervous system stabilised, her focus clarified, and her connection to inner-self was stronger than it had ever been. Lotte experienced an overall sense of calm and heightened perspective. This profound transformation led Lotte to seek further studies of the ancient tradition and dedicate herself to being able to share the technique, and be of service to others in the hope of granting the same if not similar benefits.

Lotte is passionate about passing on the art of Vedic and helping others to reach their full potential and live a life that speaks meaning, connection and awareness.  

Lotte currently resides in Byron Bay, but travels often across Australia and Globally and welcomes students from anywhere.