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Image of September Byron Bay Vedic Course + Shiatsu massage

September Byron Bay Vedic Course + Shiatsu massage

September 2020 // 25th - 26th - 27th - 28th

Vedic Meditation is taught in-person over these four consecutive days

If the dates listed are not suited, please get in touch to tailor your Vedic course.

SESSION ONE - 60MINS (BY APPOINTMENT BETWEEN 3PM - 7pm) One-on-One with Lotte where you will be given your personal mantra and introduced to the technique of Vedic Meditation.

SESSION TWO - 1.5hrs (2pm - 3.30pm)
The fundamentals of Vedic Meditation - the technique and your experiences

SESSION THREE - 1.5hrs (2pm - 3.30pm)
The mind/body effects of Meditation - how it dissolves stress, fatigue and enhance your life.

SESSION FOUR - 1.5hrs (TBC 8am - 9.30am or 5pm - 6.30pm)
Where you’re headed with this practice – Higher states of consciousness and the Vedic community

Option: You can include in your course is a 60min professional Japanese Shiatsu Massage from massage therapist Keita. Designed to layer onto your overall experience, deepen your relaxed state and nurture your mind and body.

*TIMES OR DATES DON'T SUIT - Email to discuss alternative options as pending on other students' availability times can be changed.



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